These scripts will set a WindLight on your OpenSim - WindLight allows the users to manipulate the sky and water in order to achieve prettier effects than the default Linden diurnal and nocturnal presets. In order for these settings to work, the following option must be enabled in the OpenSim.ini configuration file:

    ;# {AllowLightShareFunctions} {Enabled:true [LightShare]enable_windlight:true} {Allow LightShare functions?} {true false} true
    ; Allow the user of LightShare functions
    AllowLightShareFunctions = true

	;# {enable_windlight} {} {Enable LightShare technology?} {true false} false
	;; This enables the transmission of Windlight scenes to supporting clients,
	;; such as the Meta7 viewer.
	;; It has no ill effect on viewers which do not support server-side
	;; windlight settings.
	;; Currently we only have support for MySQL databases.
	enable_windlight = true

and, as the documentation says, mysql has to be the backend database.


The components are explained further on their individual pages: