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In the old version of OpenSim 0.6.x, an administrator did not need to know the password of an avatar in order to export IARs. Recently, OpenSim requires that password to be fed along with the first name and last name of the avatar. This does not add any security at all since anybody that has direct console access to OpenSim is able to perform much more than export IARs. It is also majorly inconvenient since it is frequently necessary to dump OARs and IARs in order to restore a crashed grid.

No password requirement.

The following patch removes the necessity of supplying passwords when exporting IARs. It is a clean patch, in the sense that it does not hack the password verification system - instead it completely removes the password “feature” from the entire IAR export codebase.


16 October 2013

  • Added patch for OpenSim 0.7.6, thank you Chris.

24 February 2012

  • Thanks to Eliopod Beaumont, a third missing DLL was added to the binary download since the server crashed without it.
  • Added screenshot for save iar and load iar commands.


The patches are updated by OpenSim version.